Making finest ice cream since 1989, at Pastonji we believe happiness is contagious and is there in "made with love". We make a range of delicious flavours that are sure to bring smile on your face a moment its a moment worth rejoicing with your loved ones on every occassion.



Creamy vanilla ice cream is pin rolled with chocolate cake and dipped into pool of chocolate and sliced to serve you 'chic choc slice'
Classy vanilla ice cream layered into tempting chocolate sponge dressed with shredded chocolate and chocolate sauce to boost your adrenaline with all this black magic in our pastry.
It is pretty much the best thing since milk and cookies came together, creamy vanilla ice cream with crunchy chocolate sandwich cookies in every bite!
We worked very closely in time-honored tradition to make very own traditional kulfi is well kept up in the Matka from the far soil of Calcutta to retain its authenticity.
Spiky pineapple turns into smooth, creamy, fruity pineapple ice cream rolled into crispy dry fruits.
Celebrate every occasion with spongy chocolate cake sprinkled with shredded chocolate and very rich & creamy vanilla ice cream on the inside
Dive into fantasy world of vanilla with goodness of shredded butter scotch, choco chips and dry fruits with a hint of raspberry in it.


Ice candies are great thing to beat the heat of summers with two most popular Flavs:

Mango candy:
Get lost in your memmories of your summers with
frozen flavour of the tropical king of fruits.

Orange candy:
We like to peel it, squeeze it,
freeze it & share it with your
loved ones.

Mango Tree:
The real pulp has been iced to get you the real taste
and essence of flavour rich mangoes.


Nothing tops the creamy tang of Pastonji® Ice creams. No other delicacy tops off
your desserts like Pastonji® ice cream bars, either! Experience the duo of layers in
all 4 varieties

Mango Lovers:
Love the mango outside and enjoy creamy vanilla inside to give you fusion of both.

Raspberry Lovers:
Delicious creamy vanilla coated with reddish shiny raspberries to knock you out
from all other berries.

Choco Bar:
It's never been better to have vanilla creamy ice cream with chocolate on top,
so we created.

Choco Crunchy:
Secret treat waiting to reveal under chocolate crunchy layer and delicious
chocolate ice cream.


Enjoy Pastonji® crispy and yummy cone ice creams with its splendid flavours. Grab
these flavours now

Crunchy waffle cone and chocolate syrup from the top of the chocolate ice
cream passing through to bottom, just slurp the passion of chocolate magic cone.

Crunchy scotch and crispy cone double pleasure served with butter scotch ice
cream with chocolate syrup on top, to fantasy taste of butterscotch magic cone.


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